About me

I am Jeroen Wellner, born may 13th 1979, living in Utrecht in The Netherlands. I am a passionate amateur road cyclist (add me on Strava) and web developer.


I make my living as a Freelance (front end) developer at my own consultancy firm Wellner Consultancy BV. With over 20 years experience, I help clients like Centraal Beheer Achmea, WCC Smart Search & Match, Agis zorgverzekeringen, Rijkswaterstaat and many more, to build cool things for the Internet.

Technology stack

I love trying new technologies. Below is a list of technologies I currently like to work with (no particular order).


I am currently not available for new projects until September 2017.

Contact me

Wellner Consultancy BV
Hermelijnvlinderdijk 106
3544ZC Utrecht
KVK: 55985343 te Utrecht