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BlackBerry HTML5 App development

December 7, 2011

Some 5/6 months ago I developed the PhoneGap App "Diabetes Dagboek" for iPhone and Android. Because it is all JavaScript, CSS and HTML5, I was also planning to release it for BlackBerry.

There the horror started... I tried and tried, installing SDK's different developer tools, emulators, etc, etc. Of course all in a virtual windows machine on my mac, because BlackBarry wasn't that friendly for us Mac developers. So I gave up because it was not that important and there was enough other work to do.

But it looks like BlackBerry finally woke up and started helping developers to build apps for their platform.

Today I prepared for the worse and started working on the BlackBerry App again. Then I stumbled upon their new HTML5 website! Wow. The tools work... even on my mac.

So, Thank you BlackBerry for taking us developers serious. :-)